Called me up, act like she sick
Had to give the bitch that shut-up dick
Called me up, quarter-to-four
Said "Hey baby, can I have some more?"
I said, "Call me in the morning."
But she wouldn't quit
Had to give the bitch that shut-up dick

At the mall, out with my kids
Had to give the bitch that shut-up dick
I said, "Bitch, it's my daughter's birthday"
But she wouldn't quit
Had to give the bitch that shut-up dick

"Sorry, baby.
We'll go next week.
What you want, My Little Ponies, Dip n Dots or something?"

Now this is true.

On her deathbed, act like she sick
beggin me for one last shut-up dick
I said, "Bitch, you crazy.
I won't do it.
You say the doctor don't come in here too much?
You say you been pressin the button and the nurse won't come in here?
Sure she won't come in?
Alright, hahaha.
Watch out, na!
Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!
Bitch, you ain't dead.
Oh shit. Nurse?
It ain't my fault.
Well she asked me for it, what was I suppose to do?"

I regret my shutup dick

What you doin, nurse?

© Brooks Long 2011


from Mannish Boys, released April 11, 2016
Brooks Long - Vocals, Guitar

Produced by Kentavius Jones and Shea Springer



all rights reserved


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Brooks Long Baltimore, Maryland

Brooks Long brings the old school to today's music lovers in a style all his own. With Joe Martone (Bass) and Dan Samuels (Drums), The Mad Dog No Good bring to their live shows the kind of passion, energy and humor rare in today's music scene.They've have shared the stage with acts like Trombone Shorty, Rebirth Brass Band, Lucero, Low Cut Connie, Caleb Stine, Chris Jacobs and LaFayette Gilchrist. ... more

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