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I'm the songster and I'm back in town again
I'm the songster, from the town I never left.

Knocked on the doors, but no one was home.
the juke joints were closed, the jukebox was sold.
Left town again, traveled the tracks
went to the rocks and the rocks answered,

"Jack, you the songster and you're doomed to carry on.
You the songster. We've been watching since you'ze born."

It's the same old song
but with a different meaning since you've been gone.
You remember the tune?
I remember it too.

I'm the songster, playing a game that's ages old.
I'm the songster. Never understood the rules but I won't fold.

Out in the sea, taking some laps
breathing some air and giving some back.
I never cared much for the land.
At least in the sea you know where you stand.

I'm the songster so please don’t be too mean
I'm the songster. I’m an extraordinary machine.

Hanging with the snake, among the trees.
Bent down a branch. Picked from the leaves.
Started thinking too much. It melted my brain.
It was either blame it on her or admit I had gone insane.

I'm the songster. I've said the dumbest things on earth.
I'm the songster. Shut me off before the next verse.

Cain slew Able.
Seth knew not why.
So he built himself a house
and hid himself inside.

I'm the songster. I be glancing at the moon.
I'm the songster, How it comes and goes too soon.

I seen two wolves scrap 'neath the sky.
One moved on, the other had died.
All day and all night I stand on my guard.
I've had a couple of wolves in my yard.


Just cause I'm here don't mean I'm tough.
Don't mean I ain't scared just because I don't run.
If I should fade and nobody knows,
if I've done well, as you walk from my bones

tell them I was the songster and I sang some melodies.
I was a songster and I heard them in my dreams.

Somewhere not too far, way deep inside the deep, there’s an undying glow we can feel but can't see.....


from The Songster Part 2 - NEW SONGS - 3rd Edition, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Brooks Long Baltimore, Maryland

Brooks Long brings the old school to today's music lovers in a style all his own. With Joe Martone (Bass) and Dan Samuels (Drums), The Mad Dog No Good bring to their live shows the kind of passion, energy and humor rare in today's music scene.They've have shared the stage with acts like Trombone Shorty, Rebirth Brass Band, Lucero, Low Cut Connie, Caleb Stine, Chris Jacobs and LaFayette Gilchrist. ... more

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